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Square Root of Success offers many science classes for homeschool students taught by experienced instructors. We offer science classes for K-12. Most classes use Pearson or Holt textbooks. Each science class includes labs. We also offer honors and AP preparation classes for those students willing and able to move at a fast pace and cover all the material in-depth. After taking an AP prep class, students will be prepared for the AP test that can count as college credit! Please call for more information.

Elementary Science

The elementary science class covers a general overview of science topics for grades K-5. This class includes fun experiments to allow students to see how wonderful our world truly is.

MS Science

The middle school science classes are earth science, life science, and physical science. They can be taken in that order or in any order for students in grades 6-8. Life science prepares students for high school biology, and physical science prepares them for chemistry and physics.


Biology is the study of life. Students learn about cells, heredity, plants, animals, ecology, the human body, and more! We also offer honors and AP prep biology. Biology is very important for those interested in medical careers. There are no prerequisites for this class.

Physical Science

Physical science is an introductory science class that covers chemistry and physics related material. This is a great class to prepare students for chemistry or physics. There are no prerequisites for this class.


Chemistry is an interesting science class! Chemistry is usually taken in 10th or 11th grade. Algebra 1 and biology are prerequisites for this class. We also offer honors and AP prep chemistry.


Physics is a fun science class that covers energy, motion, waves, etc. Algebra 2 and chemistry are prerequisites for this class. Some physics topics are abstract and amazing to think about.


Astronomy is the study of the stars and planets. Astronomy is a great, fun science class to take! Looking up into the sky and knowing what you see is a wonderful feeling! There are no prerequisites for this class.


Environmental science is the study of the environment. Students will study biomes, populations, animals, health, bacteria, etc. This is a great class to take to understand the world around us. There are no prerequisites for this class. This course is generally taken in 12th grade.

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