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Square Root of Success offers many math classes for homeschool students taught by experienced instructors. We offer math classes for K-12. Many of our high school classes use Pearson textbooks and online homework and quiz software. We also offer honors classes classes for those students willing and able to move at a fast pace and cover all the material in-depth.

Elementary Math

The elementary math class is for grades K-4. Each student will be assessed to determine their appropriate math level. These math classes are designed to be more fun! Classtime is spent playing math games to improve the child's math skills in addition to classwork.

Middle School Math

The Middle School math class is for students with a math level of 5th-7th grade. The middle school class is designed to improve the students' understanding of arithmetic and introduce them to basic algebra concepts. This class will be structured but will also include math games.


Prealgebra a 7th/8th grade level class designed to introduce students to the main concepts of algebra 1. It is similar to algebra 1, however this class will not go so in-depth. This class will allow students time to get used to the fundamentals of algebra 1 without having to learn the in-depth and harder concepts.

Algebra 1

Algebra 1 is the most important math class that a student will encounter! It is usually taken in the 8th or 9th grade. Algebra 1 concepts will be used throughout a student's entire math career. It is extremely important for scoring well on the ACT. This class is designed using the most efficient and effective teaching methods for each algebraic concept that has been tested and perfected for over a decade.


Geometry is a different type of math. It uses basic algebra 1 concepts to solve geometrical problems. Geometry is vital to scoring well on the math portion of the ACT. Some concepts of geometry are also important for algebra 2. This class was designed using the most efficient and effective teaching method for each geometry concept that has been tested and perfected for over a decade.

Algebra 2

Algebra 2 is the second part of algebra and will expand and perfect the students knowledge of algebra. During algebra 2 is generally when students master and finally understand the algebraic concepts that they were introduced to in algebra 1. Algebra 2 is very important on the ACT math test. This class is designed using the most efficient and effective teaching methods for each algebraic concept that has been tested and perfected for over a decade.


Precalculus is basically an algebra 3 and trig class. This class improves the student's knowledge and usage of all of algebra and gives them an in-depth study of trig. If students wish to go to college, this class is very important for them to take. Taking a senior math class is detrimental to their algebraic skills. This class is designed to cover the same material as a typical college class to ensure that students can skip precalculus or be extremely prepared for it in college.


Calculus is an interesting type of math that is different than any math that has come before it. Students will need to fully understand algebra to be able to complete calculus problems. It will help ensure that students will be able to start college in calculus without having to retake any math classes. This class is designed to cover the material that will be tested on the AP calculus test. If students score well on the AP test, they are given college credit!

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